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Mentions in Teams via Microsoft Flow

I would like Microsoft Flow to have the ability to mention a user in a message.
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would love to be able to @mention a person in a Flow "teams post message" action so that the person gets notified of the new message in a teams channel.  

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I'd like this to cover an "@team" as well. Our company will generally tag the team when there is an important message in the channel. 

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Vote 2 - cover @ mentioning TEAMS 🙂


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has any one found a way to get the @mentiong the teams name 

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Here is the example of @mention in adaptive cards.


The way I was able to get the mentioned entity id for a channel/team is by opening that channel/team in browser and in the URL you will see a threadId/id that you can use.

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Hi, we really need to get this feature prioritised to tag a team or channel. This is how we operate our channels and having to tag individual users, let alone maintaining names in Flow is not really automation

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Let us mention channels PLEASE!! 

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I don't understand this, it is 21 Feb 2020, more than a year after someone posted this idea of mentioning someone or team in Teams channel when using flow, and Microsoft has done nothing to do incorporate this idea or build it.


come on Microsoft ffs, why bother giving us this tool of flows for sharepoint if we can't use it for even the most basic of things we do in teams.


This needs to be expedited. 

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