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Merge "OneDrive" and "OneDrive for Business" services

In theory, both services use the same API, with the same endpoints. What changes is the authorization token used. I think it would be useful and simpler to both users and developers.


The same should apply to OneNote.

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I would not be in favour of this idea, for security and governance reasons.


ODFB is corporate data, wheras OD can be personal data.


I need them to be seperate sources so I can prevent my users from saving business documents to private OneDrives using DLP policies

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@Joon Wouldn't this mean your users shouldn't be able to even connect to a personal account (or any account outside your domain?).


Because, if the user have another ODFB account (maybe work at another company, or a home office/side project, or even a university account), he could do what you are trying to avoid.


So, the problem is not merging both services, but limiting the connections users can create to those services.

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@hartungstenio When you set up the DLP policies for Flow, you can put some services in a group for "Business Data Only" and other in a group for "No Business Data"


To stop my users from saving ODFB documents to private OneDrives (Accidentally or on purpose), I need these to be two seperate sources so I can put ODFB in the "Business Data" group, and OD in the "No Business Data" group.


I can also set up the corporate network to prevent login to OneDrive on the proxy servers, but it is possible that we might want to allow access to Live accounts on the network for other valid business reasons, therefore I don't want to rely on that to stop the ODFB to OD data transfer. We also have to consider out of network scenarios, where we can't control where users can and can't log in.