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Microsoft Flow On-Premise Server

I want to use Microsoft Flow at On-Premise.


Some organization/company want to need systems at On-Premise instead of Cloud.

and they say Microsoft Flow is great.


So, I hope Microsoft Flow On-Premises Server

like Office Online Server, SharePoint Server, Exchange Server.



Yoshihiro Kawabata

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We are also in need of similar solution like Microsoft Flow. Due to Security and IP restirctions we are not able to use the Microsoft Flow for automating our business process. If it is available as a On-Premise services or on the Azure Stack, it will create big impact for our process.

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We are in health care and when it comes to automation Cloud is simply not an option.  Having Flow as an option for an On premise server would be amazing for automation of processes. 

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We are also needing an On Premise solution when it comes to flows.

What about using Microsoft Orchestrator instead ? I believe this is the on premise solution to automate process.

Orchestrator overview | Microsoft Docs