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Microsoft Flow Trigger: New contact in OneNote personal notebook

Office Lens is a great tool but it only seems to be able to scan/parse business cards into the user's personal OneNote notebook.  I would like to see a MS Flow trigger that fires when a new contact from Office Lens appears in the user's notebook (in the Contact page, if it needs to be a very specific location).  That way, I could create a Flow that copies the contact over into a shared OneNote notebook (or maybe dump the data into a Sharepoint list).  If this trigger was available, it would allow companies to collectivize and automate the handling of business card-based contact information coming into the hands of employees.  

Status: New
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We want to copy the business card info from office lens app to create Dynamics CRM new contact

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Microsoft Flow Trigger: New contact in OneNote personal notebook and add contact to Outlook.

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When you create a flow of OneNote -->contact to Outlook - how do you have it identify the VCF file created by Lens in OneNote?  When I use the Create contact function it wants me to enter in Given Name, Home phone etc. but I just want it to copy the information from the VCF.