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Microsoft Flow Workflow Task List not found


I am new on Microsoft Flow Workflow and creating a Approval Worklow using Flow.


I have successfully develop approval Workflow task is assingning to user via email. Now my requirement is below:

  1. How should I track my Task status either they are Approve or Reject
  2. I am looking for a Workflow Task lists whcih consists all task of my process.


Like in SPD WF we have WF Task list option for each of our process I am not able to find this functionality here in Flow

Kindly advice




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Approvals are not stroed in SharePoint and it wouldn't make sense to do this. Flow is not an immediate replacement for SharePoint Desinger. It is a lot more than that. Approvals are stored within Flow.

They can be found in the Approvals (top nav)



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Can we get and reassign a particular approval task from a flow?