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Microsoft Flow should be able to reply to a Teams message, not just post a new message

Currently Flow can only post a new Teams message, but what if we want to reply and keep a single thread for a particular topic from the same Flow (or maybe another Flow)  This cannot be done currently.

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Yes, agree too.

I want to reply the message by Microsoft Flow.



- When a message posted about a keyword, Reply to the message with some information.

- When Some message post automatic, Post a message, and Reply other messages.

- When a business workflow started, Post a message at start, and Reply other messages each steps.

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Yes right now I want to create a flow to send a message to the aprooval team that a modification was done to a certain file, it would be nice to attach that message in the post of that particular file, instead of just loose in a channel.

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I also very and very need this feature (Reply in the same topic instead of post new message)

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Our use case:

We have several Team Channels that allow users to create things in other systems (Support Tickets, Suggestions, etc.)

Trigger when a users make a Teams Post, the flow creates the records in the other system, then will reply to the original post letting the user know that the record was created.  This would give the user very positive feedback directly in the channel



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This is needed, so many use cases.

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Unless I'm missing something, I think this is now possible. See v-bacao-msft's solution here:

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Yes this is now possible!

Unfortunately at this time it is not possible to reply as the Flow bot unless I'm missing something.

Reponding to a message as a bot would have great value.


Should have very high prio --> also think of the scenario where a Power Automate Flow has posted an adaptive card waiting for a response. Then I would to add a reply to the adaptive card with more information about the response so all data is in one thread of the channel.