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Microsoft Forms Form Id

I would love to see the use of the form id in the dynamic content so that when using a flow to post results to Sharepoint you can post multiple forms to one list and be able to sort or group by the form name (Form Id), as oppossed to making a new list for every form you use.

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We would like to be able to download Sharepoint List data to SQL Server on demand so we can mish mash the data into a single view for use by SSRS reporting. 


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As an alternative for now you could create a field in the SharePoint list to hold the name of the form that is being submitted, then in the flow that runs for that specific MS Forms form simply pass through a static value of the form name into the SharePoint list.


Using the same funcationality for multiple forms spread across different sites to determine where a specific response has come from.

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I have the same issue - We have multiple quizzes and we don't want to have to generate a new flow for each quiz. if the trigger was more dynamic it would help