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Microsoft Forms and Flow

Hi, I am using Microsoft Forms  and unfortunately, Forms does not have the option to email the individuals' responses to themselves. Can someone suggest plugins or methods on how this task can be automated using flow. Or any other ways that can help me achieve this task.



Status: Completed
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Yes, that would be great and very useful in my position as well! 

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Planned

Microsoft Forms team is already planning a connector for Flow. However, as Microsoft Forms does not yet have a public REST api for us to integrate with, unfortunately, we don't have an ETA for this right now.

Microsoft Employee

Would like Microsoft Form to create entry in Sharepoint List, Send email alerts

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As the title suggests, once a submission is made from a Microsoft Form, it should be able to be used as a trigger in a Flow.


This would allow you to do things on a form submission such as:

  • Email a notification to staff
  • Email a response back to the user
  • Forward the submission to a database
  • Create a lead record in a CRM
  • Enter the user into marketing automation campaigns
  • Use it as a way of submitting commands to other services and API endpoints


I'm actually fairly suprised this hasn't already been done. It would have been one of the first features I would have requested.

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ill second that. Would love to get emailed Form results or/and trigger an automated email to form user