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Microsoft Forms and Flow

Hi, I am using Microsoft Forms  and unfortunately, Forms does not have the option to email the individuals' responses to themselves. Can someone suggest plugins or methods on how this task can be automated using flow. Or any other ways that can help me achieve this task.



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I am also in the same boat with @btsan.

I would like to collect every new Microsoft Forms responses into an Excel sheet dynamically to easily share the results with my collegues.


Could you provide us a Microsoft Forms connector please?


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 Same thing with Microsoft FORMS and FLOW.  I can't seem to build flows from Microsoft forms. I can build flows from your competitor Typeform.  Seems strange to me.  Please help us so we can stay witing ththe office 365 framwork and not have to get third party apps.  (Zapier)


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  • allow forms to be added to flow.
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Same here. 


Either 1 of 2 things needs to be done. Either create a setting in the forms app e-mailing the crteator of the form that there was a response or add the connector to Flow. 


I thought about creating a custom flow for this but when it comes to creating custom API's I am completelty lost.