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Microsoft Forms and Flow

Hi, I am using Microsoft Forms  and unfortunately, Forms does not have the option to email the individuals' responses to themselves. Can someone suggest plugins or methods on how this task can be automated using flow. Or any other ways that can help me achieve this task.



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Any idea how to create a flow using the new Form connector if you did not create the form but are a collaborator on it?

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This has been done.  MS recently created a connector for Forms in Flow.  

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Is there a way to create a flow that will email the contents of the form to one person if the person chooses one response and would email a different person if they choose the other choice?  Seems simple, but I cannot figure it out.

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Is any one else getting a trigger failed error?

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I'm having trouble with the trigger, flow x forms.

I created a form in Forms and created in the flow the flow. But the trigger does not send the email.

When there is a new response in forms, you are not sending mail from flow.


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Getting trigger failed as well.

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Also getting trigger failures...

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Just when I sent the comment about getting trigger errors for a new Forms response, it started working. Smiley Very Happy


So, currently I am ok with this! Flow seems to be a real killer app, thanks!