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Microsoft Forms and Flow

Hi, I am using Microsoft Forms  and unfortunately, Forms does not have the option to email the individuals' responses to themselves. Can someone suggest plugins or methods on how this task can be automated using flow. Or any other ways that can help me achieve this task.



Status: Completed
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Thanks KariVee, for mentioning the trigger. In fact, it is my first project with Forms and with Flow, too. Now it works as I expected this tool should do. But it's not that handy as it sounds as I needed to assign every particular answer from my Forms to be imported into the Excel sheets. In the next step, I have combined this Excel workbook with a Word document to create a Mailing, where I can extract the answers and give them the (paper) layout I want. So the workflow is clear, but not the final way, where to provide the Forms (that "everybody" has access to this Form and not only colleagues from inside my company), and where to save the Excel-Word combination that it works as Mailing.

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kkarmi: How about populating a SharePoint list with the answers and then email the link to this particular answer in the SharePoint list? Maybe the Forms should be used just for data collection in this case?

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Thank you, KariVee, this is exactly what I am doing. They just want the forms. Oh well 🙂

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CaBe: Not sure if this would work for you, but maybe you could have the one Word doc with the mailing list layout (this would be the same doc for all answers). Then you could perhaps create an excel with the recorded answer from the Forms. Then create an email and add two attachments, the Word and the generated Excel? Haven't tried this myself, though... Smiley Happy

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Hi I have created a flow that automatically emails the person who completes the form the contents of it if you would like more information please email

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Hi, I am using Microsoft Forms, but i am unable to connect from Power automate

can you let me know why?

error; simply it is giving not connected