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Microsoft Stream Connector

Please add a Microsoft Stream connector to Power Apps and Power Automate so we can download a stream file and save into a target destination, or link or play it using Power Apps.

Status: New
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With MS Stream connector, automatic notification can be posted into Teams at a new movie to be added on a channel of MS Stream. We are waiting for Stream connector too.

New Member

It would be great to be able to automatically send an e-mail message or an MS Teams post when a new video is added to MS Stream.  We can already do that when videos from YouTube are created, not sure how we cannot to that with MS Stream.  The MS Stream follow function does NOT sent notifications so this is important.

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Currently cannot list a set of Stream videos by Group.  A Streams connector would allow for the presentation of custom or curated video libraries.

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The Cloud AI of Microsoft creates searchable text out of the audio stream of a stream video, which is a great feature.

How about being able to use the text in a connector as in "if stream text contains "Sam" then send Teams notification to him" (and his supervisor 😄 )


The "Sam" would not have to take part in the meeting, and nevertheless gets the info if he was mentioned.

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@sst1982 : Making searchable text out of the MS Stream is an excellent feature, but far in excess of what a simple (standard) connector can do to address what is being requested above.  Will it provide Power Platform components a simple mechanism to access basic metadata (group, channel, tags, description) that will allow those components to perform simple video curation?  There does not even seem to be a Stream RestAPI that would allow for the creation of a custom connector.


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I would be happy to a connection to Microsoft Stream and a list. Every time I upload a clip on stream I would make an entry with name, length of clip etc. to a SharePoint list. Thanks!

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In my case, It would be great to be able to add a channel to a video when the video is added to a specified channel. I'm trying to aggregate videos from different channels into a aggregate channel.

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It would be great to have a trigger that is activated when a video is played. It would be useeful in our case so we know when an employee has completed the view of a video (new employees have to view an introductory video on internal procedures and privacy).