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Microsoft Stream integration with Flow

I've already got some ideas for using MS Stream in Flow scenarios, such as when saving a video to sharepoint, post it to Stream with the same access rights group.


Do you have an ETA for integration?

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I'm a fan of creating a Flow to copy a video from a OneDrive folder into Stream while programmatically assigning a channel, tags, etc. Because tonight I have to download 50+ video clips from a OneDrive folder only to them upload them manually to our Stream account one-by-one. Not my idea of a fun time.

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I am not trying to move or copy a video from stream but simply getting the properties of that video, like link to it, guid etc... among other things i need that info to set the Stream player control in PowerApps.

Would be really helpful if I could use a flow to get that info.



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A great scenario for this would be to create a flow that detects a stream video has been saved to a channel, creates, saves and emails the mp4 (or other) file to attendees. This way a desktop procedure can be implemented where meetings with a particular scope are started in a Teams channel, and the rest is done by Power Automate.


It would also be great to have similar options in the Graph API.