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Microsoft Teams - get messages

The Flow action Get Messages for Microsoft Teams would be much more useful if the data pull included the replies to the initial message in a conversation. 

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Agreed, have you found any work arounds for getting at the replies?

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It seemed so obvious that it would include Replies, that I believed I was doing something wrong until I looked it up.

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In my view, the replies should also be part of the returned data. I have been looking for a long time too, if I have made a mistake. Right now the function seems a bit unfinished without replies in the returned data set.


If someone has a workaround, I would be grateful.

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Has anyone figured this out?

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Please let me know if someone figures this out or microsoft fixes the problem

Helper I

Can't believe that this isn't implemented. Typically Microsoft: never finish your own products.

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lol, still not possible to get reply messages...