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Microsoft Teams notification when post on channel

Will be great if when we use the "Post to channel" action from Microsoft Teams connector send automatically a message to all people in the team channel or if we have the possibility to send a notification using a custom action to the people in the team channel at Microsoft Teams.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

Great idea and something that would be really beneficial! Please take note microsoft!

Level: Power Up

This is much needed. It's non-intuitive that new Flow-generated posts in the channel wouldn't notifiy like any other post would. I thought I must be missing something obvious.

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Good idea.  I was looking at having Flow post a weekly reminder for the team.  If the post is silent only, there isn't much use in posting.  However, with an alert triggered,  it makes it a possibility and useful.

Level: Power Up

Yep, very good idea and hopefully is going to be done eventually. I also want to send regular notifications to a team, and without tagging it, the notifications will not do much good. So it is quite useful feature

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I'm looking for this feature, great idea