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Microsoft Teams notification when post on channel

Will be great if when we use the "Post to channel" action from Microsoft Teams connector send automatically a message to all people in the team channel or if we have the possibility to send a notification using a custom action to the people in the team channel at Microsoft Teams.

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It has been 3 and a half year since this is suggested, is this still stuck in working in progress stage or still under suggestion stage?

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It's now semi possible with the new at-mention token actions for Teams:


  1. Create two variables (one Array, one String) to house the tokens:


  2. Use the List group members action on the Team you're interested in, via Office 365 Groups, or from a SharePoint list if you wish to customise the recipients. Append each at-mention token to the array just created.


  3. Use the Join action and join the array together, by using space, pipe, space, e.g:  as the join delimiter. The additional spaces will ensure it looks nice. Stick the outputs of the Join into the string variable.


  4. Insert the string variable into an adaptive card bot post, or a new Teams message:


You should then be able to notify everyone in that team if you used the List group members action.



Some clever SharePoint list filtering can then ensure you notify the correct groups of people within the Team - shame that we can't use the custom at-mention tags that can be created. 

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With the SharePoint filtering that was mentioned above: so instead of using the Get group members action, I can get them from a custom SharePoint list which houses my members: