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Microsoft Teams notification when post on channel

Will be great if when we use the "Post to channel" action from Microsoft Teams connector send automatically a message to all people in the team channel or if we have the possibility to send a notification using a custom action to the people in the team channel at Microsoft Teams.

Status: New
Level: Power Up

Fantastic suggestion @douglasromao and much needed! At the very least the post should be marked as unread so the channel is bolded. Looking forward to further developments to this integration.

Level: Power Up

I really like the idea of it marking the channel bold as a new post is there. I'm not sure why FLow would be able to post and not bold it as an unread message like if you posted something yourself for the other people to know it's out there. 

Level: Power Up

Yeah it seems pretty obvious really doesn't it, thankfuly plenty of folks seem to agree 🙂

Level: Powered On

Being able to tag a channel or team would be massive - please do this asap!

Level: Power Up

I wish it would just make the channel bold when a flow posts to the channel so you know something new is in there.