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Microsoft To-Do Triggers

I want to use Microsoft To-Do to help tackle my Planner tasks.  Looks like I can I get new Planner tasks into To-Do easy enough, but since To-Do has no triggers we don't have a way to tell Planner these items are done.


Seems like When a Task is completed is a pretty obvious trigger...  Hard to believe it even needs a suggestion.

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We need Microsoft To-Do triggers not only for sync-up with Planner.

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You can try this connector because To-Do using Outlook Tasks as a storage for to-dos

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Thanks - that might be helpful.  Figuring the rest of the logic to make the task point to the planner task might be a pain.  I guess I could embed the Planner task ID into the comments section of the ToDo and then use a filter when I complete a task for it to find and check off the right one.


Of course, what is the point of ToDo if it is really just Outlook tasks...



Also, it appears Outlook tasks are a Premium feature - which seems absolutely outrageous since it is a 365 service...

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I'd like to create a flow upon creation of a task that creates an option to schedule calendar time to complete the To-Do


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Microsoft To-Do would be the perfect app for my needs if a trigger existed for "Task complete". It appears I can feed Microsoft To-Do a list of tasks from Dynamics 365 Activities, but there's no way to update Dynamics once the task is done!