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Microsoft To-Do

Please add support for Microsoft To-Do: (similar to Wunderlist)



Status: Completed
Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
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I strongly hope for that.

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Still hoping!

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I would like this also!  To-Do lets me plan across calendars and adjust my day from multiple lists with differing priorities.  Triggering a flow from To-Do would be so very helpful.

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The first ToDo connector action blocks are currently available, as announced today in the Official Microsoft Flow Blog


Let's hope more actions and triggers will be added

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need a flow to create a task in todo when a plnner itiem is assigned to me

Status changed to: Completed
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Any plans to add the same level of triggers and actions as Wunderlist?

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Yes, I would certainly NOT consider this completed in any way.  It is in there, but at the bear minimum!  You can hardly do more than create simple item AND NO triggers.  No, attachments, no control of existing items.  If this is supposed to be MS primer task tracking system, this is a major oversight....