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Microsoft Word Actions for Find and Replace

Leverage a "drop" folder so when a document is moved from folder to folder (e.g. cloud storage), each folder represents states.  The folders/states indicate what needs to be done.  It would be ideal if we had the capacity through MS Flow to:

1. Action - Search through a Word document for keywords or phrases

2. Action - Based on section, or other defined divider within a Word document, action can manipulate text, e.g. search and replace, but not just a single phrase, throughout the document;  

Status: New
Power Automate

You can try out the new Word Connector - it allows for creation of Word docs from templated Word files.


In action video:


Advocate III

The fact this brilliant suggestion is still marked as new after 4 years, is the proof that no one at Microsoft reads or cares about these forums... 😞   It feels like Power Automate doesn't receive any significant update or functionality.   There are tons of fantastic ideas or fundamental features that are missing... (regex, column sort and filter in flow lists, array deduplication, etc..) but no one cares about implementing what people are really asking.