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Microsoft Word Actions for Find and Replace

Leverage a "drop" folder so when a document is moved from folder to folder (e.g. cloud storage), each folder represents states.  The folders/states indicate what needs to be done.  It would be ideal if we had the capacity through MS Flow to:

1. Action - Search through a Word document for keywords or phrases

2. Action - Based on section, or other defined divider within a Word document, action can manipulate text, e.g. search and replace, but not just a single phrase, throughout the document;  

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Also: populate a word document with data from flow.

From example: from Forms to Word doc. Then we could generate contracts (a bit like webmerge do)

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Excellent add.
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I'd like to replace header of word files from data from the flow:

"time stamping" or "versioning" SOP documents

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Microsoft word can use column data when docx is in a document library using Quick Parts

see e.g.

Flow documentation should be extended with a tutorial for this.


that is enough to e.g. letterhead an SOP with approval date.


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You can use Plumsail Documents to generate DOCX or PDF from template. You can apply your own data and send generated documents by email. Some examples for you:


Note: It is a paid solution