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Microsoft Word Actions for Find and Replace

Leverage a "drop" folder so when a document is moved from folder to folder (e.g. cloud storage), each folder represents states.  The folders/states indicate what needs to be done.  It would be ideal if we had the capacity through MS Flow to:

1. Action - Search through a Word document for keywords or phrases

2. Action - Based on section, or other defined divider within a Word document, action can manipulate text, e.g. search and replace, but not just a single phrase, throughout the document;  

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Also: populate a word document with data from flow.

From example: from Forms to Word doc. Then we could generate contracts (a bit like webmerge do)

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Excellent add.
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I'd like to replace header of word files from data from the flow:

"time stamping" or "versioning" SOP documents

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Microsoft word can use column data when docx is in a document library using Quick Parts

see e.g.

Flow documentation should be extended with a tutorial for this.


that is enough to e.g. letterhead an SOP with approval date.


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You can use Plumsail Documents to generate DOCX or PDF from template. You can apply your own data and send generated documents by email. Some examples for you:


Note: It is a paid solution

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We need something as Plumsail but for free. 

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Word needs comprehensive Flow support: 

  Flow Add-In to trigger flows from Word


ability to create and manipulate document objects and their properties: 






  headers and footers

  numbered lists, bullet lists




  document variables

  form controls


Ability to search & replace text strings using simple matches or regexps


Similar to e.g. a  "Select Sharepoint List Items" command, which can delegate some search & filter options to run at the remote server; but it does the reverse, it runs on the client side.

In Word's case, if a user is triggering a flow from inside an open document which is being edited, The delegable document manipulation commands run at the CLIENT SIDE rather than the server side. It would be easier on the servers. If the document manipulation is an automated effort, there would be no remedy but to run it on the server side. 

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Good point that will definetely improve Flow capabilities integrating with word. I have requests to present my end users with printable word files depending on the data they provide via PowerApps. Currently easiest way to to is Plumsail which requires licence. Basically text operations that will manupulate the word content like replace, concat, substring should be imported.

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I'd like to be able to trigger a Word mail merge from within Flow.


Example 1, on the creation of an entry in a SharePoint list, create a merge document based on a specified Word template and the content of the list entry.


Example 2, on a given schedule, create merge documents with data (from, say, a SharePoint list) where data in the list matches a given criteria. Save the merge documents in a specified library.

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Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could fill in a booking form in PowerApps that creates an item in a list in SharePoint, which in turn triggers a Flow that automates the creation of a Microsoft Word document, converts that document to a PDF which is then automatically emailed to the person who requested the booking!


The same technique could equally be leveraged to do the equivalent of a mail merge, whereby items in a SharePoint List with email contact details could be processed through dynamically generating a PDF document and then emailing each of those contacts in the list by simply starting a single flow.


PowerApps: Booking form with automated conversion to PDF