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Microsoft Word (Business) connector

Would love the ability to add Rich text to a word document content control which is currently not supported. Can this be added in the near future?


I need to add a dynamic html table to a word document but currently it shows the html and does not get converted into rich text.  



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Yeah it would be really nice if what was entered in one system also is what comes out in the other end:)
That way i wont need to spend additional time everytime i need to pull data from a system into a presentation. 

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@dbro  -
I know this isn't related to the MS connector, but I had some time with one of our developers where we did a little POC on how it can work in word.
The connector is this one by Projectum. 

Let me know if you are interested:) 

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Thanks for the info!! i'll check it out. My current workaround (which has turned out to be a major pain), is the following:

1.) Converted word doc to HTML

2.) used Syncfusion to convert the html to a pdf doc via azure function.

3.) I can call the azure function from flow and insert the table and other info into the html table to produce a pdf.


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@dbro - 
Here is a little walkthrough of it, i know it is a bit long but it covers the basics. 

It should set you up with everything you need including the free trial, but if you have any questions let me know. 

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If you are just using the HTML to create a table, you can do that using a Word Template and Repeating Section Content Controls. Here is a tutorial on how to do that:

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the table is dynamic, and does not often have the same number of headers, columns and rows nor total height and width of table.


Given that, how could i stuff that into a repeating section?


I've been able to generate the table from javascript client side. Then launch a flow (http and pass table object) which takes the table and stuffs it into an html template (azure function) which is working well.