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Microsoft Word Populate a Template to support more than plain text controls

I love the support of plain text controls when using the Populate a Microsoft Word Template action in Microsoft Flow, but it would be great to add support for more controls than just plain text, namely:
- Rich Text

- Check box

- Picture



Status: New
Level: Powered On

This would be so useful to me; I want to use flow to essentially perform an all-in-one Forms submission -> populated Word document, but the lack of Rich Text fields really limits what's possible.

Level: Powered On

This is a much needed feature as most of the forms which have end users interaction require rich text inputs

Level: Powered On

Would also benefit greatly from this feature. 

Level: Powered On

Yes, it would be great to have rich text as option.  Most project information ends up in a word document therefore having rich text would greatly increase productivity.