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Modern Approvals - option for comments required

Could an option be provided to set the comments field as required?


Possible options:

  • Required for Approve and Reject (I'm the most interested in this option myself as this feature has been requested by various clients)  
  • Required for either Approve or Reject


Status: Under Review

You could do this by re-sending the approval request with a note that comments are required, but this is clearly not ideal. We'll look at a better way to do this. Thank you.

New Member

You can't call it modern approvals if there is no option to make comments mandatory - Of course it might break integration with email buttons, but hey.... you are microsoft.... you have to do that.... Otherwise it is worthless...

New Member

We would like to remove comment field from the approval card


Kudo Commander

@Stephen : This issue has been Under Review for a while, could you please provide a status update? We have lots of business cases where comments are required and have received complaints about this limitation of Approvals from our business users.