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Modern Approvals - option for comments required

Could an option be provided to set the comments field as required?


Possible options:

  • Required for Approve and Reject (I'm the most interested in this option myself as this feature has been requested by various clients)  
  • Required for either Approve or Reject


Status: Under Review

You could do this by re-sending the approval request with a note that comments are required, but this is clearly not ideal. We'll look at a better way to do this. Thank you.

Level: Power Up

Yes it would be very helpful, if we have this comment's section mandatory in the Approvals!

Level: Powered On

I need this feature, too. What is the current status here?

Level: Powered On

I am also interested in this feature. Any further update on this?

Level: Powered On

I'm also looking for this feature.

It's gonna be great if we can make this possible because any reject should have the clear reason.


Looking forward for this.

Level: Powered On

I am also looking for this feature.

If someone hit reject we need to have comments why for audit purposes.


Thank you