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Modern Approvals - option for comments required

Could an option be provided to set the comments field as required?


Possible options:

  • Required for Approve and Reject (I'm the most interested in this option myself as this feature has been requested by various clients)  
  • Required for either Approve or Reject


Status: Under Review

You could do this by re-sending the approval request with a note that comments are required, but this is clearly not ideal. We'll look at a better way to do this. Thank you.

Level: Powered On

We are also receiving questions to make the comments field mandatory (especially when someone rejects the approval task). Coudn't this possibility be included as a checkbox?

Level: Power Up

It's confusing for our clients to have an optional comments. They want sometimes a mandatory if it's reject or hide them depending of the approval level.


Do you think you will do something ?



Level: Power Up

is this possible now?

Level: Power Up
Level: Powered On
This is a must. From a business point of view, if someone rejects something (which is usually the exception), the reasons for the rejection may need to be kept for auditing purposes.