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Modern Approvals - option for comments required

Could an option be provided to set the comments field as required?


Possible options:

  • Required for Approve and Reject (I'm the most interested in this option myself as this feature has been requested by various clients)  
  • Required for either Approve or Reject


Status: Under Review

You could do this by re-sending the approval request with a note that comments are required, but this is clearly not ideal. We'll look at a better way to do this. Thank you.

Regular Visitor

@Stephen When will this be done? It's been under review for 3 years!

Advocate I

This feature is needed, or could we at least remove the Reason(Optional) hint text or the ability to change the hint text.

Advocate I

This is very important feature for us- when request has been rejected.any kind of toggle to make comments required will help.

Regular Visitor

ok why is this not a thing? any time i try to come up with an approval flow for a client they ask for this

Regular Visitor

Is this done yet ? how hard for Microsoft programmer to set this field mandatory ? give me access to the source and i will do it myself.

Frequent Visitor

Voted for this. Also noticed no comment box appearing for the ReAssign action. Would be great of we get consistent experience re comments for Approve, Reject or ReAssign actions.

New Member

We need this feature to migrate off of Nintex, please help! 

New Member

We're looking to move all of our workflows off of Nintex to PowerAutomate and this feature is essential to our business automation.  Please implement ASAP.

New Member

3 years after this feature request was added and it still hasn't been added?  Is it in the works?  Is there an ETA?


How are we supposed to migrate away from Nintex when your tools aren't able to match their functionality? ...or ease of use for that matter... 



Helper I

I would love to see the Comments field in Approval either be mandatory or removable. I can't tell you how many times we ask our approvers to add comments and they are just ignored since we can't make the field mandatory.  For us, the Comments field confirms the option selected (I just had a case where an approver hit the "Approve" button and then mentioned in the Comments field that the document was NOT approved).


For other approvals we have if there is no need for comments the ability to remove that option would be great.