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Modified trigger should give previous values for fields changed

When triggering a Flow on the modification of a list item then it should be possile to get the current and previous values of the fields that were changed. 


Status: Started

Hi all,


Happy to announce that we started the development of building granular trigger for SharePoint item and file changes along with the plan to provide old and new values.


To be able to infer and provide old and new values, we will first need the ability for a trigger that can run when an item is modified and then the ability to get what changed for that modified item. So, to support this, we will be releasing a new trigger and a new action that works along with this new trigger to help you get started. 


  1. 'When an item or file is modified' trigger
    1. Only triggers on an item or file updates, not on an item or file creation.
  2. 'Get item or file properties changes' action
    1. This new action returns information about whether or not a column's value was modified.
    2. This action when released will:
      1. Only work with the 'When an item or file is modified' trigger.
      2. Require versioning to be turned on for the associated list or library 


With these two updates, you can now build a flow when someone modifies a list or library and then using the new action check if a particular column or file property was modified since the last flow run. For example, you can check if the Status column was modified since the last run and then get the current Status value, else do something else.  


After this update, we will continue to work on enabling the 'Get item or file properties changes' to provide old and new values of the columns. 


Thank you all for being patient with us. Will update this thread as we have more updates.




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Must have! Adds huge value, specially if added inside email. Departments save time and reduce clicks to see info what has been changed inside the list/library. Currently, using 3rd party service to ensure this feature.

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This is so generic and could add another dimension to Flow, pretty please.

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Must to have !!!

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Must have!,


additionally or alternatively a trigger "When a field was modified" would be nice - or solve 90% of these issues

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I agree that there is a workaround possible, but that doesn't mean that it's a greta workaround. In my opinion a Flow should only include steps that logically make sense. This should exclude workarounds for technical reasons. In the long run there needs to be an easy way to accomplish this.

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Something like get specific/previous version of shp item and when specific collumn was modified would be really helpfull.

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How we can add 1,000 votes in 1 swoop? 🙂

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why on earth flow doesnt have what the sharepoint designer workflows had as default i dont know why! It would make my life so much easier and wasted time looking for an alternative method.

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I found this post while looking to do exactly this.

A thousand vote-ups to this suggestion.


I am looking to create a history entity in CDS to record all updates and deletes from my primary CDS entity. A flow triggering on updates and deletes seems like a simple way to do this but without the functionality asked for here I need to insert into my history table on inserts and updates and record the current values rather than the previous ones. This makes the history table is not a history but a history plus all current values. Not what we want.

Suggestions for alternative implementations are welcome.