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Modified trigger should give previous values for fields changed

When triggering a Flow on the modification of a list item then it should be possile to get the current and previous values of the fields that were changed. 


Status: Under Review

We are looking into this item now and we hope to use versioning as previous values will be retained by SharePoint for a finite period of time as it's configured to do so when you use versioning. For now, as a workaround, if you are familiar with the REST APIs, you could enable versioning in the list or the library and then use 'Send HTTP Request to SharePoint' to get the current and previous values of the fields that were changed. 




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I found this post while looking to do exactly this.

A thousand vote-ups to this suggestion.


I am looking to create a history entity in CDS to record all updates and deletes from my primary CDS entity. A flow triggering on updates and deletes seems like a simple way to do this but without the functionality asked for here I need to insert into my history table on inserts and updates and record the current values rather than the previous ones. This makes the history table is not a history but a history plus all current values. Not what we want.

Suggestions for alternative implementations are welcome.

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Can't understand why MS have not done this yet. Their servers must be getting hammered by these requests. I had two flows doing this for over a week and only have just seen the warning when I looked to update. The Before and After property should be available in Flow.



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Yes, we definitely need this! 

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Yes. This will add more value to Flow. 

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Yes, very basic feature which is often needed.