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Modify page in OneNote Action

As we now have the ability to create a new onenote page using the onenote connector, it would be great to be able to update that page with further information in onenote from flow.

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Helper I

and if not at least the ability to delete a page 

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i second this request!  I am trying to do just this. Update a page from a section when a specific trigger occurs.



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this. please.

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"Update Page Content" along with "Delete Page" are available now in Preview.

I have used these.

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The preview looks promising. Trying to make it work, but having issues with the Target parameter:

It would be great to have examples of valid values there...

Helper I

I collect the Note ID in an Excel Doc when they are created using the Create a Page in OneNote Action... They look like this: 1-f4bab884e4e94ceea8dd04402178034b!155-64196d73-e745-457f-a208-885aa7d03a95


I have used the Update Page Content and used this ID to update the Page but have not gotten it to work as of yet. I really want this.

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I’ve been able to use the “update page content” action to add items to a list, but I cannot replace existing text.  It appears the replace functionality is dependent on something called the “generated id”, that is very difficult to determine.


i hope they improve this action and give replace functionality to thr “data-id