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More Excel Functionality

There needs to be more Excel functionality built into PowerAutomate.

Here are some ideas:

- Remove Duplicate Cells

- "For Each Cell In Worksheet" loop functionality

- Sorting

- Save Worksheet as Data Table (without need to select which cell ranges I want manually... automatically select range containing data)

- Hide/Show worksheets

- Rename worksheets

- Run Macros

- Protect/Unprotect worksheets

- Write to Excel from Data Table

- Append Workbook

- Append worksheet

- Read Cell Formula

- Convert to PDF

- Filter Capabilities

- Replace Capabilities

- Find Capabilities (To return a list of rows or columns that contain your search criteria)

- Get Row Number (Returns

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New Member

I agree. I would like to be able to copy contents of a worksheet from another one on creation of a new worksheet.

Super User

Have you explored Excel Scripts?  These can be called from the Preview Excel Script Action.