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More Power BI Triggers and Actions

My team & business uses Power BI heavily. Could we add more triggers and actions to Flow for Power BI?


The options are currently limited, but we would love to integrate Flow into our business strategy more if there were more options for triggers and actions built in for Power BI! 


i.e. connecting Flow to use text as a value, not just numbers, importing data tables from PBI, adding control limits, etc.


If you have specific ideas for new actions or triggers related to Power BI please comment! 

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An action to get data from a Data set will be great for mail numbers without use the alert (in cases that you want a confirmation of the number, even if is not change)

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- PDF attachment option

- Option to include more fields / visuals  inline

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I would love to see a Power BI action to trigger a data refresh. Then I could do something like:


  • Trigger: Data source (e.g., file on SharePoint) is updated
  • Action: Refresh Power BI dataset


EDIT: This is now available, hooray!

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An action to export, esp to PowerPoint, would be great.

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Olá. Um gatilho extremamente útil seria poder salvar informações de comentários feitos no power bi service. Por exemplo, a cada comentário inserido no power bi service, poder obter os detalhes deste comentários e a possibilidade de salvar os detalhes em um banco de dados.