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More advanced options when Composing variables

Since August 31 it is possible to compose string variables, which is great. However, I miss more options:

1) Compose other variable types, mainly 

  • integer

  • float

  • boolean

  • arrays

2) manipulate them with WDL (, as it is currently supported when editing Conditions in advanced mode


This way lots of use cases that require counters, string manipulation etc could be implemented directly with Microsoft Flow


Status: Completed

You can use any of the 70+ expressions from the Workflow Definition Language in Flow:

Level: Powered On

WDL in "Compose" actually is working:


But still did not found how to update existing Compose as "var++" or change it

Level 10

also date/time variables please!

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Under Review
Level: Powered On

Please! This is so much more essential for a business workflow tool than things like connecting to Twitter!!!

Level 8

I just found new actions: "Initialize variable", "set variable" and "increment variable". When initializing a variable, the following fields must be filled: name, type (boolean, integer, floating, string, object, matrix) and optionally value. I guess "Increment variable" is only valid for integers and floats, according to .


I think it is a great step, however, I still cannot assign WDL expressions to variables, so I am forced to keep on using Compose action blocks everywhere (please see )


Thank you in advance!