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More options für "List tasks"

Currently List tasks  list all tasks - regardless of their status. There seems to be a limit for 400 Tasks in the returned object, which does not make the situation better. According to this idea.

Please create a parameter to limit tasks to specific things, mostly "progress" / incomplete. My guess: Most of the time you only want to deal with incomplete tasks.


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This post is marked as solved, but no solution is actually given.

See below for a solution.

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It is possible to set Power Automate to run on more than 400 items:

1) In the List tasks step, click on the three dots to reveal the options menu

2) Click Settings 


3) In the Settings menu, select the option Pagination, and then set Threshold to a number greater than the number of items in your plan - I chose 800 here, as my plan has around 600 tasks:


4) Click Done


The flow will now execute to the maximum number of items that you specify: