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Move A File - Copy Metadata

I think it would be helpful to move a file without having replicating all the meta data in the source library in the destination library when using the action move file

Status: New
Helper I

if you have set the metadata columns in the site collection level, you can re-use the metadata in any document library or any list.

New Member

I have the same issue. I want to use a flow to archive documents. In the archive I do not need any of the original metadata. When using the copy function, it is not required to have the properties at the destination location, but therefore you loose your version history.


Advocate III

I would love this feature! We need to be able to "move anyway" for files where we're OK losing metadata as part of the move. This feature is available through the GUI:

  • Move anyway lose metadata.png





FYI - are specific situation is that our old library has the document ID feature enabled, but our destination library doesn't (see