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Move SharePoint list item with all column data (including read only) to another list.

Currently you are able to move a file or folder within SharePoint but not a list item.


I know you can create a list item in another list and copy information over mapping columns from the original list item.  Unfortunately this doesn't include information held in the Created, Created By, Modified & Modified By fields as these are read only.  Instead it uses the username of the account running the flow and the date and time of when the flow runs.


It can be done using the idea in this process but it's quite long winded for something that can be done with other SharePoint items (files and folders as mentioned before) and I believe should be available for list items too Update the Created By (AuthorID) Field of a ShareP... - Power Platform Community (


I propose a new action to 'move a SharePoint list item' so it moves all column information (including read only) so the new list item is exactly the same as the list item in the original list.

Status: New