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Move the dynamic content popup back out of the way!

This is not helpful! i used to be so that it popped up on the outside of the form and not be in the way. 

Super annoying having to click it out of the way constantly to see what is being input into the field.

covering the input fieldcovering the input field



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New Member

Please fix the dynamic content popup as it makes working with the forms very counterproductive.

Frequent Visitor

I agree 100%. Putting the popup directly over the action you are trying to work with is EXTREMELY annoying. Please get it out of the way. This one should probably go on the Top 10 Blunders list for this year.

Advocate II

The more people mention it there, the more chance we have Microsoft reverts this function back.

New Member

for me it only appears to be an issue for the ms templates, not ones I have created my own. Please fix

Advocate I

I'm trying to add a hyperlink to the email body and the stupid dynamic box covers the ENTIRE dialog for the hyperlink. I can't paste the link or save it! @#$%!!!!