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Move tool trigger for multiple list choice

There is not a move or copy button available for an selected item on the SharePoint list page. Also if a user try to create a flow for selected item to move from one list to another, it only gives option to move the item to another one (1) list only. In case if the user has multiple lists and an item has to be moved user has to create a complete new flow to do achieve that result a flow does not allow to add multiple list option for the item to be moved.


For example: If a user has 5 lists  A, B, C, D, E and by mistake an item has been created in the list (A) which has to be moved to the list C user can create a flow to do so. Now another selected item from list A has to be moved but this time to list (B) the user can not use the same flow to move the item and has to create a new flow as the previous flow only move items between (A) to (C) and does not give option to add multiple lists to move items from list A to B, C, D, E when triggering the flow or in editing.


I had also contacted Microsoft customer service (TrackingID#2107280040003763) to get an answer on this and they told me there is no such option and I should put my idea over this page to get the fix.

Status: New