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Multiple Approvers - See who has not taken action yet

Need an out of the box way to see which approver has not yet approved. This is very problematic when creating a flow with multiple approvers. Use Case: we have assigned 5 approvers. Job has been pending for 1 week. Which of the 5 has taken approval actions? 


Suggest adding this data to the approval sent card in Flow (on hover or as ellipsis menu option).  To my knowledge this has not been completed. The solution detailed here, i have not seen work nor does it seem to be a feasible work around:


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100% agree. When multiple approvers are needed this is not an enterprise ready solution. We need to understand which of the approvers has not taken action real-time. It's not feasible to reach out to each approver to ask if they have taken action or not.

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Also need the ability to track when an approval has been reassigned before the approval has been approved or rejected.

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I want the same feature!

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This would be a useful addition. For the time being I use a sharepoint list with specific fields for each approver. The approval flow updates their status as it is completed, creating a monitoring dashboard.

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In order to make multiple approvers must approve flows entreprise-friendly, such feature is essential to know who is holding back the flow to take corrective actions.

Thank you for helping solving this issue!

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I vote for the same feature.... really needed. Please add
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This is a must feature. 

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Hi @gjaynes ,


I should be very grateful to you if you could share your way of handling the approver's responses?


Thank you,


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Honestly, Power Automate is not a mature platform for enterprise solution, I am moving out of SharePoint development.

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We need this urgently!
I can't count how many hours have been wasted trying to hunt down which user(s) just ignored the Approval email. This is frustrating. When you have ten users all required for approval and one of them is missing, try to guess which one... They're all telling you they did their part.

All other Flow connectors are very well detailed, this Approve All, we're just met with an empty box until finally we get everyone to approve. Please provide the details, some transparency into the process. 
Give us some logs here to see at least who has approved so far:

No logs of who approved yet / who hasn't.No logs of who approved yet / who hasn't.