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Multiple Areas for "When I enter or exit an area" Connector

Quite simply multiple areas for any flow trigger on this particular connector (or the ability to branch the trigger a few hundred times).


Each area added creates a variable or information within that can identify the distinctly marked areas.


Additionally, these connectors really need to report the user that ran them, natively, because alone it feels like they might end up being a bit of potential "you need multiple paid licenses" situation. 😉 ...


But, yes, also for the purpose that they appear to exist for (tracking engineers), one would literally have to create a hundred flows (if you had that many clients) to track as and when an engineer was on site, which seems inefficient.


((( someone has suggested 'sub-areas', which of course, would would work wonderfully alongside this, too )))

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Rather than just "multiple locations" how about just Multiple Triggers in general - there are several ideas about that already