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Multiple Flow Conditions (in Basic Mode)

I know that you can have multiple flow conditions in "Advanced mode" although I dont think this should be required to do this to have 2 conditions. Seems a bit clunky to me.


My suggestion would be to have the ability to add another line to the basic mode. with an "AN" or "OR" between them. The you are able to use the basic editor to use the dropdown to add another condition. This is how it works in Nintex workflow and I love it. Also it would be great to have the advanced mode Popup a new window with all the functions and a multiline text box.




Category - Is equal to - Important 


Color - Is equal to - Red





Status: New
Advocate II

Strange that this behavior is already available for some time in Azure Logic Apps (=where Flow is based upon).
Azure Logic apps is positioned as the more developer oriented environment but makes it easier to chain multiple conditions together whereas Flow forces you to use the 'advanced mode' when you want 2 conditions at once.


Here's a screenshot



Advocate I

ok great thanks! I will look into Azure logic apps. this is a must have in Flow in my opinion. I guess they just need to port it over to Flow so should be easy to implement. Cheers



Advocate II

Please also add an item with or without a value.