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Multiple Triggers For The Same Flow

Saw this posed as a question so figured I would throw it in the ideas. It would be very useful to have multiple triggers set off the same flow, especially if they are similar triggers. For example, right now if I have a BI alert for two different tiles that are both cards that must email the same people, I need to create two flows. It would greatly reduce the amount of Flows that need to be managed if either of the alerts could set off the same flow. Also, if they are similar enough as the same BI cards it would be nice if they could perform a merged action instead of two seperate ones. Example being if two alerts are set off in BI for tiles, and those tiles need to be emailed to the same people, Flow would send one email to the list containing info about both of the alerts. Thanks!

Status: Under Review

Today this can be accomplished by using multiple flows pointing at the same business logic via an HTTP trigger. So for example:


Flow 1 with Trigger 1 and HTTP action

Flow 2 with Trigger 2 and HTTP action

Flow 3 with Trigger 3 and HTTP action

Flow 4 with HTTP trigger and your actions


This requires n+1 flows (where n is the number of triggers) but enables you to accomplish the scenario. Thanks!

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Another example (if not already listed) that I came across would be for testing. I have a recurrance scheduling a flow. I would LOVE it if I could have a push button also trigger the same flow so I don't have to go to that flow dashboard to test multiple flow that would normally wait 5-15 minutes to process. If I could kick them off in sequence by a button that would be great. I could see production environments that could trigger a flow based on push button and time schedule or push button and email that process the same flow. Everyone should vote on this.

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It is around two years when I can expect this feature to roll out?

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@leocrimson For now, just create multiple flows for multiple triggers and Call Child Flows


For CDS, the new CDS (Current Environment) connector supports multiple triggers.