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Multiple Triggers For The Same Flow

Saw this posed as a question so figured I would throw it in the ideas. It would be very useful to have multiple triggers set off the same flow, especially if they are similar triggers. For example, right now if I have a BI alert for two different tiles that are both cards that must email the same people, I need to create two flows. It would greatly reduce the amount of Flows that need to be managed if either of the alerts could set off the same flow. Also, if they are similar enough as the same BI cards it would be nice if they could perform a merged action instead of two seperate ones. Example being if two alerts are set off in BI for tiles, and those tiles need to be emailed to the same people, Flow would send one email to the list containing info about both of the alerts. Thanks!

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Today this can be accomplished by using multiple flows pointing at the same business logic via an HTTP trigger. So for example:


Flow 1 with Trigger 1 and HTTP action

Flow 2 with Trigger 2 and HTTP action

Flow 3 with Trigger 3 and HTTP action

Flow 4 with HTTP trigger and your actions


This requires n+1 flows (where n is the number of triggers) but enables you to accomplish the scenario. Thanks!

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Another example use multiple RSS feeds for triggering a flow. At present I have a number of identical flows apart from the RSS feed URI triggering them.
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I agree with this request.

Currently only one trigger can be used per flow and this is very restrictive.


I'm aware about the option to create a flow with an HTTP Request Trigger, however, this has three big flaws:

  1. Unnecessary complexity when implementing the flows, imagine you need three different triggers you will end with 4 flows, one for each trigger and one for the actual process, also passing parameters is requires programing skills, and you cannot pass everything as a parameter so it's kind of limited in that regard.
  2. Makes management and support more complex, for example if you need to change some action you need to look on all the flows a that are related to ensure nothing is broken due to the change.
  3. The flows runs are limited to certain amount per month, you will have at minimum 2 runs in the history for each time a trigger is activated.
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I'm looking for a way to start a flow automatically and manually. Multiple triggers should fix this scenario

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I feel like for applications like RSS (or really anything else with different connections that will have the same format) it makes sense to just allow it to have multiple sources in the same trigger.


For instance, you could also use it to trigger on receiving emails at multiple inboxes.

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I use the Cognito Forms trigger mainly, as we've created many forms through them. But the forms are all basically the same form with minor differences. I have to create a Flow for every single form with exactly the same data and action steps, so it would extremely helpful if I could just have the same Flow be triggered by an entry on any one of those forms, instead of having to maintain so many individual ones that are exactly the same.