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Multiple Triggers For The Same Flow

Saw this posed as a question so figured I would throw it in the ideas. It would be very useful to have multiple triggers set off the same flow, especially if they are similar triggers. For example, right now if I have a BI alert for two different tiles that are both cards that must email the same people, I need to create two flows. It would greatly reduce the amount of Flows that need to be managed if either of the alerts could set off the same flow. Also, if they are similar enough as the same BI cards it would be nice if they could perform a merged action instead of two seperate ones. Example being if two alerts are set off in BI for tiles, and those tiles need to be emailed to the same people, Flow would send one email to the list containing info about both of the alerts. Thanks!

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Today this can be accomplished by using multiple flows pointing at the same business logic via an HTTP trigger. So for example:


Flow 1 with Trigger 1 and HTTP action

Flow 2 with Trigger 2 and HTTP action

Flow 3 with Trigger 3 and HTTP action

Flow 4 with HTTP trigger and your actions


This requires n+1 flows (where n is the number of triggers) but enables you to accomplish the scenario. Thanks!

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I'd like to trigger my flow for a selected item in a sharepoint list and when a new task is created, to update the new task based on the list item inforamtion. Having more than one trigger would make my life easier to have it accomplished. If anyone has an idea to wrokaround it I'd very much appreciate it.

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Please add this.   We should have the option to automatically trigger a flow such as when a new item is created or trigger it manually for SharePoint.


All other workflow products have this option for SharePoint

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This would be great, feels like the power of the Automated Flow tool is very limited because of this. My flow is limited to just 2 steps because of thisFlow error.PNG

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It's been quite some time that this was requested, but no traction. Multiple triggers are needed and would make use of different types of conditions , such as two different SharePoint lists, but the actions, and the groups are the same. Additionally the pricing model of power automate does not scale well if you want a consistent workflow to occur. If a individual user leaves how easy is it to transition their flows prior to deactivating their account?  As 5 flows cost $500 /month to be separated from an individual user ...The solution here asks you to create 4 separate flows to complete 1 single process effectively wasting your allotted flows.


To me this is a great starter for good ideas on making some simple workflows, but this doesn't scale well at all.



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I really think that this could be usefull in many cases, for me it would be really logical if it was possible to implement triggers parallel from each other like you would with actions. This way if information from different sources are being created/updated or removed all are being updated correspondingly or emails can be send no matter which trigger is used.


The best way on how to see this is by thinking that the triggers are inside a switch and you use variables as the central data source to place the data of that trigger on to the variable so that no matter what trigger is executed all data is coming from that variable.


Or perhaps something like a trigger store could be used that keeps all the triggers together and if you want to use the data from the trigger you retrieve it from the store perhaps with a status so you know which trigger was executed so that you can use conditions to execute different steps based on that status.