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Multiple suggestions PAD

I have multiple PAD improvement suggestions:

  • Optional possibility, to have subflows with separate Variables and Input/Output Arguments.
  • The retries in the "On block error" activity should have a max amount of retries, after which it rethrows the error further up.
  • Give a "Throw error" activity, where you can specify the error message.
  • Give a "Rethrow error" activity.
  • Variable usage in "On block error" should be searchable.Right now these aren't shown as results.
  • Direct check on whether the selector works in the selector window.
  • Ability to move selector to different window "overselectors". Not possible right now. And if I take new selectors in a window, that has an adjusted selector, it creates a new "overselector", even though it is the same window.
  • When retrieving Outlook mails, you should be able to filter by date.
  • Performance for Excel handling could be improved.
  • Performance of PAD in general (incl. saving) could be improved.
Status: New
Dual Super User

Great suggestions! 👍