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Need Flow trigger event in SharePoint based on new FOLDER creation in folder

Each client folder contains several files.  I need to be able to trigger Flow based on adding a folder to workflow (doc library).  This allows us to keep multiple related documents together in a client-file structure while processing through automated workflow.  We are currently sending a single file for each client-project through workflow, which creates unnecessary client file separations, redundancies, and extra file movement, all increasing risk exposure to the process.

Status: New
Level: Power Up

I think I have a solution to this. I am sure someone has already come up with it but never posted it.


A Document Library is just an extension of a SharePoint list. There is already a trigger for "Item Created".

If you are visual, see the picture at the end. It shows it better than I can explain it.


What I did....

I picked Build an automated flow....then picked "When an Item is created". Set the fields as follows:

  1. Site Address:
    • Picked the site I wanted.
  2. List Name: (since my Document Library was not in the drop down list)
    • Picked Enter a Custom value.
    • Then typed the name of the Document Library 


I then picked a Condition Action:

  1. Checked if the IsFolder field = true (make sure you pick true out of expressions, i typed it and it didn't work)
  2. On the "If yes" side, I sent an email to myself stating that a folder was created.
  3. On the "If No" side, I left blank.


This worked perfectly. I also tested to see if it works for nested folders and it did.


I hope this helps


Capture1.PNGWhen an Item is created