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Need Trigger is a Mail receive in "Outlook Groups"

We need a Flow, that send a SMS if in one "Outlook Groups" receive a Message with spezial Text in "Subject"

So, we need a Trigger, that allow Action, i receive a E-Mail in a "Outlook Group"

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Plus 1 - would like to be able to forward a group email to Sharepoint when received

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At the moment there are no triggers or connectors regarding Outlook Groups.

They could be very useful.

For example: I want to copy the attachments of arriving mails automatically into Sharepoint or OneDrive for Business.

and i would be nice to automaically generate tasks in planner for certain Mails.





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<sarc>Why is this even a feature request? Is the intent not to drive people into using "Groups"? It should have been here from the beginning. </sarc>


Now when do we get it?