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Need Triggers for Dynamics 365 Operation



There are no Triggers available for Dynamics 365 Operations like 'When a record is created, Upated, Deleted'. In our current project we have to flow data from Dynamics 365 Operations to Sales. 


Is there any other way to achive this ?



Krishna Sundeep

Status: Completed

We have released triggers for Dynamic 365 Finance and Operations -- you can read more about it here:

Level: Powered On

I need this so that once a picklist is generated I an kick off a shipping process.


I'm working on a project that would allow me to put this to use this week.



Level: Power Up

I also need this for a number of integrations, it seems to be planning for a very long time.

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Just went live with our D365FO project today. Very sadly I had to realize again that many of those shiny promises are not working.

No triggers for flow available? Hard to believe, but true. Another drawback.




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Is there an ETA when Triggers will be available for D365 F&O ?


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In order to avoid developments, we need to have triggers for D365FO