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Need Triggers for Dynamics 365 Operation



There are no Triggers available for Dynamics 365 Operations like 'When a record is created, Upated, Deleted'. In our current project we have to flow data from Dynamics 365 Operations to Sales. 


Is there any other way to achive this ?



Krishna Sundeep

Status: Completed

We have released triggers for Dynamic 365 Finance and Operations -- you can read more about it here:

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I'm also waiting for D365 for Operations triggers.


But I have a workaround.


You should have HTTP Request/Response Flow.

And you may call this flow by URL directly from Dynamics 365 for Operations by the following code.

And you should have X++ code that will catch your event, prepare your data to JSON and call the Flow.


Please find below the X++ code that call the Flow with JSON parameter in the body.


/// <summary>
/// Send HTTP request to specified _url with body _dataContractBody to start Microsoft Flow
/// </summary>
/// <param name = "_url">Microsoft Flow URL</param>
/// <param name = "_dataContractBody">Data Contract Object</param>
public static void triggerFlow(URL _url, Object _dataContractBody)
   str dataJson = FormJsonSerializer::serializeClass(_dataContractBody);
   System.Uri uri = new System.Uri(_url);
   System.Net.Http.HttpClient httpClient = new System.Net.Http.HttpClient();
   System.Net.Http.StringContent queryString = new System.Net.Http.StringContent(dataJson);
   System.Net.Http.HttpResponseMessage postResult = httpClient.PostAsync(uri, queryString).Result;



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why microsoft concentrat only on D365 , all options are there and keep D365FO like that , i hope microsoft solve this alert issue ASAP or they will lose thier customer

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Hi, I would love to use Flow to create alerts triggered from Dynamics 365 for operations. Are there any plans to add triggers in? Any idea when this might be available if so?



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As stated already by many here Triggers (create, modify, delete) for D365 for Finance and Operations EE would be very usefull.


Currently I already have flows running on D365 for Operations, but those are triggered by a schedule, which in some cases is not convenient.


Trigger based flows would be very welcome!


Thanks for considering and informing on the roadmap!



Super User

Triggers arent available yet, but there are a couple of actions: