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Need Triggers for Dynamics 365 Operation



There are no Triggers available for Dynamics 365 Operations like 'When a record is created, Upated, Deleted'. In our current project we have to flow data from Dynamics 365 Operations to Sales. 


Is there any other way to achive this ?



Krishna Sundeep

Status: Completed

We have released triggers for Dynamic 365 Finance and Operations -- you can read more about it here:

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We require dynamics 365 operations trigger for the current project. 

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Would also be nice to extend the Dynamics 365 for Operations Workflow to Flow, so that email approvals functionality of Flow can be used to Accept/Reject workflows in Operations.

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Hello there 

Any news on the status of Dynamics 365 (Finance &) Operations triggers? I would also really need them.

Kind regards

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Hello All, 


Like a lot of people I'm really missing the MS Alert Management available on AX 2012, do you know if MS is is working on some triggers from Dynamics 365 for operation? 




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I aggred those triggers are essentials, why do have D365 these triggers and why haven't for D365 for Operation ? 


Do we know when will be availible the Record delete,insert,update triggers for D365 for Operation ?